Consulting, calculation and execution

Teqton are specialists in consulting, calculation and execution of joint-free rollercompacted concrete floors for all types of warehouse, logistics, industry and production floors.

Our flagship is the Teqplan floor system, which consists of a Teqbase subfloor on which a joint-free polymer-reinforced Teqplan wear layer is placed.

All Teqton floors can subsequently be given the desired surface treatment to meet special requirements for loads, slip resistance, energy dissipation, appearance and so on.

At Teqton, we have 40 years of experience in both renovation and new construction and in that time we have made several million m² of floors in several countries.

We are therefore aware of how important it is, that we are involved in the process early, in order to give the client the greatest possible utilization of Teqbase as a strong work platform for all other actors in the project.

When time is such an essential factor in a buildingproject, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to do their best, and a Teqton floor helps to achieve that.

We carry out projects throughout Scandinavia, from our offices in in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In our projects, we always try to involve local subcontractors and suppliers to keep costs and transportation down. In this way, we make sure to make as small an environmental footprint as possible.

So contact us today - and get our advice on how a Teqton floor can add value to your project and help shorten your schedule.



Teqbase is used as a subfloor for industry- and warehouse-floors on top of which the Teqplan layer is placed. Teqplan is a polymer reinforced wearlayer, that gives the finished jointfree floor a very high level of resistance.


As an extra finish on Teqtons jointfree floors, they can be given different forms of grinding or polishing. This allows for the finished surface to modified to any use.


Teqton deliveres and executes a wide variety of epoxy treatments.
Everyone is adapted to the needs of the costumer and can be placed on both Teqplan floors and as an aftertreatment of other types of concrete floors.


We have many large projects that we are proud of.
Below you can se a few of the many exiting things Teqton have been a part of.

You can find many more under All References.

A floor is not just a floor, but a vital part of any industry, and its impact on day-to-day operations cannot be underestimated.

Ole Skov, Teqton Denmark


17.260m2 Teqplan floor to satisfied customer

Gasa Group Odense has full speed on the production for the spring-ready customers. During the high season, an average of 3.000 cages with goods is driven around the clock - and it all happens on our Teqton floors.


Rolled concrete on pile foundations?

Is roller concrete on pile foundation an impossible combination? That was the question our Swedish department was asked, after which they could proudly deliver a joint-free rolled concrete floor with Teqbase and Teqplan to Biltema in Sweden.