Teqton supplies and performs a wide range of epoxy treatments.
These are adapted to the customer's needs and are carried out both on our own teqplan floors and as finishing of other types of concrete floors.

There is no surface treatment that is as versatile and adaptable as an epoxy treatment.
In modern industry, high demands are placed on cleaning and chemical resistance. This is especially true for companies that produce and handle medicines and foods, where the level of cleaning and hygiene that must be maintained requires floors that can withstand not only major mechanical influences, but also chemicals of every conceivable kind.
The ability to meet these requirements helps make epoxy treatments so popular.



Previously, the hardener for most epoxies contained components that were extremely harmful to health.
These have today been replaced by other and far less harmful products that make epoxy easier to use both as paints, coatings and as repair mortars for many types of tasks.
However, epoxy tasks are something that must be performed by professional craftsmen both for the health aspect, but also based on the requirements for the quality of the work performed.



When advising on a final treatment with epoxy, the customer's expectation of the finished surface is in focus.
The color is always important, but relatively easy to choose and can be customized in virtually all types of epoxy projects.
But it is to a greater extent the requirement for the floor surface structure that is in focus when we talk solutions with the customer.
In the case of an exhibition hall / showroom, where the dream is the glossy smooth floor, a distinction should be made between the slightly thicker epoxy coatings that can be made in both glossy and matt finishes and in virtually all colors.
If, on the other hand, a production floor in a factory is required for the outcome, it must be a non-slip and durable floor and an epoxy paint with quartz sand can deliver the desired end result.
For the very special projects such as server halls and fine component manufacturing, static-dissipating ESD floors can be made.

Contact Teqton while your project is in the planning phase, and join us for advice on the right choice of surface for your needs.


Do you need input on how epoxy strips can help structure your workflows or when a fully painted floor can be a good solution? Then send us an email with your request and we will get the right employee to contact you.


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