By continuously caring for and maintaining your concrete floor, you ensure a long life on a beautiful and presentable floor.

A concrete floor that, like Teqplan floors, is exposed to a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, needs to be maintained in the right way.



When the new Teqplan floor has been laid and before the production has started, it is important to saturate the floor completely so that it has built up its dirt-repellent properties before commissioning.
This is often done by Teqton as a part of the execution of the floors, in the form of a Protectonol treatment while the floor is brand new.

In the case of a floor that has already been used, the same good result can be achieved with a good basic cleaning and a saturation with our product Teqclean.



When your companys production is at its peak, daily cleaning is the most important element in keeping the floors healthy.
In particular, the choice of soaps for the floors has a great influence, not only on the appearance, but also the ability of the floor to remain dirt-repellent and chemical-resistant.

Machines for cleaning are often supplied with a strong acidic soap that promises to handle all kinds of dirt.
Unfortunately, the poor choice of soap also eats away at the impregnation of the concrete floor and in the long run damages the concrete itself so that the floor has a dusty effect and absorbs dirt.
Teqton's Teqclean soap is a thoroughly tested product with the properties needed to remove both dirt and grime, but also to saturate the concrete floor daily and keep it healthy and dirt-repellent.


If it is about time to give the floor some care, then send us an email with your order.


Teqton floors, like all other industrial coatings and floors, must be cared for. You can improve durability, prevent soiling and ensure that the floor appears presentable when using Teqclean.