Feel free to contact us for advice in the idea phase - the earlier we are involved in the process, the better we can advise and guide you. Our products are suitable for everything from industrial, production and warehouse buildings, to car dealerships and larger stores.


Teqbase is used as a subfloor in all types of industrialbuildings and warehouses. It can in many cases be an alternative to reinforced concrete floors. Teqbase is also used as a subfloor for all types of Teqton wear layers (eg Teqplan, Teqoton and Latexfalt) as well as for tile coatings and marble split tiles.


Teqplan is used as a wear layer on top of Teqbase, and can be used in e.g. production, warehouse and machine halls. Teqplan provides a joint-free, bright, durable, environmentally friendly result with great load capacity.


As an extra finish on Teqtons jointfree floors, they can be given different forms of grinding or polishing. This allows for the finished surface to modified to any use.


Teqton deliveres and executes a wide variety of epoxy treatments.
Everyone is adapted to the needs of the costumer and can be placed on both Teqplan floors and as an aftertreatment of other types of concrete floors.
With an epoxy treatment the resistance to chemicals is increased and the possible color variation is almost without boundaries.

Maintenance of your TEQTON floor

Once the floor is in use, the daily cleaning is the most important element in keeping the floors healthy.
In particular, the choice of soaps for the floors has a great influence, not only on the appearance, but also the ability of the floor to remain dirt-repellent and chemical-resistant.